Resilience -> Adaptability -> Sustainability

I came across this draft from 2014. Seems like a pretty complete thought, so I'm posting it now:
Sitting in a long meeting about sequencing a pipe replacement project gave me another example of how resilience, adaptability and sustainability are interconnected. If designed properly, connections for emergency chilled water, heating water, domestic water, etc. could also be used for temporary service during a renovation. This could avoid the cost and operational impacts of multi-day shut-downs. Those shut-downs entail weeks or months of planning, elaborate on-site temporary facilities or relocation to leased facilities, all things the operational managers of any company will not welcome. Avoiding them means that the renovation is much less likely to be deferred, the project moves forward, the building's lifespan is extended by years, the risk of systems failure is mitigated, maintenance stays up-to-date and operations are unaffected.
My conclusion is that we should build to support continuous and indefinite occupation. This implies concurrent maintainability of critical systems, not in the sense of a data center, but in terms of temporary connection points that allow everything to be replaced with short, overnight outages.